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La Grange Car Accident Lawyer

Insurance companies will take extreme measures to try to devalue your injury claim following a car accident. If you have been involved in an auto wreck, you may have several questions about your injury claim.

A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer could answer any questions you have about your potential case. Do not hesitate to call a La Grange car accident lawyer today.

What Evidence Needs to be Collected in an Auto Wreck Claim?

What information should you collect at the scene of the accident? Do you know the most important questions to ask, and how to ask them so they are admissible as evidence? What are the most important pieces of evidence, and which ones should you try to acquire first? All of these questions are vital to your case.

Evidence comes in the form of medical reports, accident scene photographs, injury photographs, phone records, witness accounts, vehicle telemetry, police reports, and property damage assessments. Each of these categories require specific information requests, and as a result, specific methods for analysis.

Trying to work through the different systems with deadlines looming can be quite stressful. The rules of evidence are very specific, and you can’t afford to make a mistake when trying to acquire this important information. A La Grange attorney can help you collect the necessary evidence to prove your car accident claim.

What Should You Say to the Insurance Company?

It is highly recommended that you retain an attorney before speaking with an insurance company when injured following a vehicle collision. Insurance companies are for profit, and as a result, they are motivated to settle a claim for the least amount possible. It is important that you understand exactly how to communicate with an adjuster, so it doesn’t hurt your case and cost you money.

In many cases it is highly recommended that car accident victims refrain from providing a recorded statement to an insurance (even after they have retained an attorney) as recorded statements could be used as evidence in the litigation of your case if a lawsuit becomes necessary to protect your rights.

How Do You Estimate Your Total Damages?

The most common types of damages that are recoverable for an injury claim following a car accident include medical bills, pain and suffering, and past and future lost wages. Can you estimate the physical and emotional damage for both the near-term and long-term? Can you calculate how an accident will affect your earning power for the remainder of your life?

These can be difficult calculations for someone with no experience handling an injury claim. An experienced car wreck lawyer can research similar past car accidents to help try to determine the value of your injury claim.

How Do Your Estimate and Defend the Percentage of Fault?

Kentucky law takes into consideration a percentage of fault. Understanding the particulars of this law and being able to argue a position is vital to your case. This is an area that can cost you money if mistakes are made.

How Do You Conduct a Settlement Negotiation?

During a negotiation, you are sitting across from a hostile party that is trained in the art of negotiation. Experience and preparation are the keys to your success. If you haven’t had significant experience, it is likely you will lose money. Ask yourself if you can defeat the best in the business when it comes to negotiation. It is generally best to work with an attorney familiar with auto accident claims.

How Do You File Court Documents in La Grange?

Courts run on deadlines and procedure. One mistake, one missed deadline can bring your case to a stunning end. Do you have the knowledge to confidently respond to and comply with all requirements of the court? A seasoned auto wreck attorney could guide you through the legal process.

Talk to a La Grange Car Accident Lawyer Today

Trying to recover damages can be very complex. If your case is important to you, then it is highly recommended you engage an experienced, highly qualified, legal representative. Attorney Tate Meagher advocates for his client to try to maximize the results for all of his clients. When involved in a crash, don’t wait to contact a La Grange car accident lawyer.