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Bardstown Car Accident Lawyer

After a car accident, you need to act quickly for many different reasons. The first reason is the quality of healthcare you receive. If you have been injured, you have to be concerned with survival and long-term wellness. The sooner you get quality care, the sooner you can return to a normal life, and make plans for an enjoyable and productive life in the long term.

Healthcare expenses add up quickly, making it difficult to balance the need for care and the financial realities that are part of a car accident. Car accident injury cases can take a long time to resolve, but the sooner you secure qualified legal representation, the quicker you may have access to a financial recovery that allows you to get the future healthcare you need. Don’t wait to speak with a Bardstown car accident lawyer.

Don’t Settle Quickly without Legal Representation

Immediately after an accident, you will feel pressure to settle your claim as quickly as possible. Big insurance companies want you to settle quickly before you have a chance to understand the full extent of your injuries, pain and suffering, and lost wages. An auto wreck attorney in Bardstown can help manage the claims process for you while you focus on getting better.

Keeping in mind the complex process of determining the cost of injuries, you must also consider the complex process of negotiation and legal requirements of filing a claim. There are many process details associated with specific deadlines. Mistakes are common for those not familiar with the process, and that is another important reason you need someone that is experienced. Mistakes can cost you time and money. Don’t struggle through a process, make mistakes, and negatively impact your future. Consider retaining a lawyer immediately after an accident.

Gathering Evidence for Your Auto Accident Case

Kentucky has specific laws related to car accident injury cases. Assignment of blame can significantly impact any damages awarded to you, so it is important that you have legal representation that can collect evidence and argue the percentage of blame effectively. A vehicle collision attorney can help determine, and prove, if a driver was negligent in vehicle operation, driving impaired, or driving while distracted. Knowing how to determine if a cellphone was in use at the time of the accident is of critical importance, so having someone on your team that can secure that evidence can make the difference.

The rules of evidence are very specific, so it is very important that the collection of data and evidence is done in an appropriate manner. Legitimate evidence can be excluded if the rules are not followed correctly. That can be devastating to your case. It is highly recommended that you engage a professional.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies in Bardstown

Quality legal representation can be very beneficial when you are injured and the future is uncertain. After an accident, you have suffered a trauma that can negatively impact your judgment and ability to protect your rights.

It is recommended you do not handle the insurance claims process alone when your future is at stake, but rather that you retain a lawyer with experience handling car crash claims. A dedicated attorney could fight for your rights and secure a settlement that will help you heal for the near term and protect your future.

Speak with a Bardstown Car Accident Attorney Today

Consider legal representation that has a proven track record. Attorney Tate Meagher is a Bardstown car accident lawyer who only handles injury claims in the state of Kentucky. Call Tate and let him fight the battle with the insurance company.