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Bardstown Dog Bite Lawyer

Many people in Bardstown consider their dogs to be a vital member of their family. Others might just see dogs only as a tool they use for security or other purposes. Regardless of the mindset shown by a dog owner, the owner must take responsibility for the actions of their dog.

When a dog bites a person or causes other injuries to a person, the owner may be liable to pay for the damages. A Bardstown dog bite lawyer could possibly assist if you, your child, or another loved one suffered injuries and damages caused by a dog. An experienced personal injury attorney could possibly help track down insurance that would apply to your damages, gather evidence in support of your claim, and advocate on behalf of your best legal interests.

Dog Owners are Strictly Liable for Damages Caused by their Dog

Kentucky is known as a strict liability state when it comes to dog bite cases. This means that the dog owner is legal liable if his or her dog bites or injures someone, regardless of the dog owner’s actions to prevent the dog from causing such harm. Thus, even a dog owner who has had their dog for several years and the dog has never displayed any type of aggressive behavior is at risk of liability in a lawsuit if their dog attacks a person and causes injury. It simply does not matter that the dog had been well behaved for several years. Such fact does not alter the result of the dog owner’s liability in a claim for injuries sustained due to a dog attack. An attorney can provide more explanation about the state’s dog bite laws.

What Damages May Be Recovered After a Dog Attack?

Successful dog bite claims recover monetary compensation for all of your damages. This includes obvious effects from the dog attack, like medical bills. It also includes losses that are not as apparent, like emotional trauma from having to live the rest of your life with a permanent disfigurement or scar from the dog bite. The most common type of damages awarded in a dog bite attack case are medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Pain and suffering compensation is difficult to determine. However, if the pain and suffering was caused by injuries sustained in the dog attack, the law allows victims to recover compensation for it.  Any mental anguish and emotional trauma that you felt can also be compensated in a dog attack case. Things like the terror experienced during the dog attack, the emotional distress of living with a disfigurement or scar, and any latent or subconscious fear of dogs you experience after the attack are factors when determine the amount of damages you may be awarded.

Time Limit to Bring a Claim for Dog Bite Injuries

Under KRS § 413.140, Kentucky has a short one-year statute of limitations for personal injury cases such as dog bite cases. A statute of limitations is a law that sets a legal time limit that begins to run down from the moment an individual is injured due to a dog attack. With the help of lawyer a person can only bring a dog attack lawsuit within that statutory period. If a claim is brought after the statute of limitations, the claim would expire and would be dismissed if the lawsuit is filed after the statute of limitations.  Thus, it is important to act quickly to gather evidence in support of your claim and settle or file a lawsuit before your claim is barred by the statute of limitations.

Contact a Bardstown Dog Bite Attorney for a Free Consultation

A dog bite attack can have a significant harmful impact on one’s life. These injuries generally result in substantial financial expenditures for the injured person. If you or a loved one have been injured by someone’s dog, a Bardstown dog bite lawyer may be able to advocate for your legal rights, gather evidence in support of your claim, and maximize the monetary recovery received.

Call today to schedule your free legal consultation where we will discuss your legal rights and whether we believe your claim can lead to a favorable outcome. You owe absolutely nothing unless we win your case. Don’t Wait, Call Tate!