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Bardstown Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

As much as we enjoy a good motorcycle ride, we accept the possibility that one careless act by a negligent driver can change our life significantly. Serious injury can occur without warning. Severe injuries are often the result of collisions between motorcycles and other vehicles. Collisions of this nature can throw a biker off their seat, forcing them to the ground. If you are involved in an accident with a careless driver while riding a motorcycle, a Bardstown motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to help recover damages to cover your medical bills, lost wages, lost opportunities, pain and suffering, and property damage from the other driver’s insurance company.

After suffering an injury, you need to begin the process of recovering damages caused by the negligent driver. It is highly recommended that you contact a Bardstown motorcycle accident attorney and ask how they can help you recover from your loss. In short, a skilled personal injury lawyer attorney should be able to describe how they will manage all the legal details, giving you more time to concentrate on regaining your health and living life.

Can a Bardstown Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help You Prepare for a Case?

A Bardstown motorcycle accident lawyer may help you prepare for a motorcycle accident case by proving negligence, establishing damages, and analyzing you your insurance coverage.

Proving Negligence

The strength of your case is in part determined by evidence that shows the other driver was at fault. Your attorney should know the rules of evidence and how to best collect evidence for your case.

Establishing Damages

Damages include past and future medical bills, past and future pain and suffering, loss of property, lost wages, and loss of your ability to earn in the future. Your attorney can help you establish a dollar amount to cover all your losses.

Analyzing Insurance Coverage

Your attorney can investigate the insurance coverage of a negligent driver. Uninsured or underinsured negligent drivers can be an issue that could affect your case. Your attorney can analyze and explain how different types of insurance coverage will impact the decisions to make on your case.

A Bardstown Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help Navigate The Settlement Process

Insurance companies hire professional negotiators that are driven to settle for the lowest amount of money possible. These negotiators are well trained, experienced, and are employed to represent the interests of their company. These people are experts, and it is highly recommended that you have a professional on your side to represent your interests. Don’t wait, contact an experienced motorbike injury attorney today to negotiate on your behalf.

Legal Proceedings in Bardstown

When both sides fail to agree on a settlement amount, the next step is to take the case to court. Once that happens, the complexities of the court’s calendar, processes, and procedures are now part of your case. Should you find your motorcycle accident case in court, you will be glad that a lawyer has been working your case shortly after the day you were injured.

Contact a Bardstown Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

A Bardstown motorcycle accident lawyer could help you make the legal case necessary to recover payment for your losses. Tate Meagher can serve as a strong advocate for you focused on maximizing results.

He can guide you through the legal process necessary to protect the interests of you and your family. If you or a loved one are injured in a motorcycle accident, contact us today.


Bardstown Motorcycle Accident Lawyer