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Radcliff Truck Accident Lawyer

Commercial trucks and other big rigs are a common sight in Radcliff. These large vehicles transport goods across Kentucky and the rest of the nation. Because these trucks are large and heavy, it’s best to give them a wide berth so that you don’t end up in the hospital after a collision.

At Meagher Injury Lawyers, we represent accident victims in their fight for maximum compensation. You might be eligible to file a personal injury claim with the trucker or his employer, or you might sue in court. Please contact our law firm to speak with a Radcliff truck accident attorney today.

Common Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks like semis, 18-wheelers, moving vans, and box trucks get into some common accidents, including:

  1. Lane change accidents. These trucks have large blind spots, so it is no surprise when their driver fails to see vehicles in adjoining lanes on the highway. Any lane change can lead to a collision with the obstructed vehicle.
  2. Overrides. An override happens when a truck rides partially over a vehicle in front of it. Many occupants in the crushed vehicle can get killed.
  3. Underrides. Smaller vehicles can slide under a trailer because there is no guard, or the guard fails to prevent them.
  4. Blown tire accidents. A trucker can easily lose control when truck tires blow. Blowouts are common on the highway, especially as tires age or lose pressure.
  5. Rollovers. Many trucks are very tall and thin, which makes them inherently unstable. Other factors like unsecured cargo can cause a trailer to fall on its side—and onto cars in adjoining lanes.
  6. Jackknife. A semi-truck has two parts: the cab in front and the trailer behind. A trailer can swing out at an angle and strike vehicles on the road.

These auto accidents have many causes, including fatigue, trucker inattention, distracted driving, drunk driving, and speeding. We also can’t overlook unbalanced cargo and possible truck defects as additional causes.

Identifying Who to Sue

Several different parties could be responsible for your accident. At Meagher Law Firm, we carefully review all facts and witness testimony to uncover the source of the collision. We can then sue the at-fault parties for your injuries and pain.

Some possible responsible parties include:

  • The truck driver for driving negligently or recklessly.
  • The truck driver’s employer is liable under Kentucky’s vicarious liability law.
  • The truck owner, if this is a different party than the employer.
  • A mechanic did shoddy work on the truck and caused it to crash.
  • The company responsible for loading the cargo into the truck, if unbalanced cargo is to blame.
  • The truck manufacturer or a manufacturer of a defective component part.

Because so many parties are potential defendants, we must perform an investigation. Some of the information we need will be in the hands of the trucking company, like electronic logs. Other information we might find by interviewing witnesses and visiting the scene of a crash. The more time you give your legal team to pull together a case, the better.

Receiving Compensation for Your Injuries & Pain

Generally, these accidents cause more serious injuries than car accidents. The size of the truck is one reason. There is more weight smashing against a passenger vehicle on the road.

It’s very possible one can suffer from serious injuries in a truck accident like:

  • Crush injuries
  • Fractures
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injuries

Some of the accidents result in permanent disabilities. A victim will have continuing medical expenses which could bankrupt them, especially since it will be difficult to work.

As part of a fair settlement, you should receive compensation for:

  • Medical bills, past, and future
  • Lost income or wages, past, and future
  • Pain and suffering, past, and future
  • Property damage (like damage to your car)
  • Emotional distress and mental anguish
  • Other financial losses, like rental car costs

Bringing a Wrongful Death Claim

According to federal statistics, trucking accidents caused about 5,000 fatalities each year. These accidents sadly leave behind many families who are worried about their futures. Kentucky allows families to bring a wrongful death claim in many situations. These lawsuits can compensate for losses suffered by the family, such as the loss of expected financial support or services.

Meagher Injury Lawyers are prepared to bring a wrongful death claim for family members. You have a limited amount of time, so reach out.

Contact Our Radcliff Truck Accident Lawyer for Help

Within hours of an accident, trucking companies usually have an investigator on the scene busily collecting evidence. You need an experienced Radcliff truck accident lawyer in your corner. Call us today at (502) 309-9213 to schedule a free consultation.