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Radcliff Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycles are popular methods of transportation in Kentucky, especially during the warmer months. We have countless visitors come to our state from Tennessee, Indiana, and other states on two wheels to enjoy the sights. Local residents also use motorcycles as part of their daily transportation, whether to work or school.

Unfortunately, motorcycle collisions cause devastating injuries to those unfortunate enough to experience one. With less protection than a car occupant, motorcyclists can end up in the back of an ambulance and in a hospital bed for weeks. If you were hurt, consult an experienced Radcliff motorcycle accident lawyer at Meagher Injury Lawyers today. You might be able to sue whoever injured you and receive financial compensation.

Common Motorcycle Accidents

 It is easy to get hurt while riding a motorcycle. Other vehicles on the road are a clear source of danger. In fact, it isn’t unusual for motorists to completely disrespect your right to share the road. Many drivers pass too closely, tailgate, or cut off motorcyclists. We see many collisions at intersections or on the freeway.

Other collisions stem from road defects, which impact a motorcycle more than they would other vehicles. Potholes, seams, crumbling shoulders, and debris can cause a motorcyclist to flip.

Still, other incidents result from defects on the motorcycle. Some are designed poorly, or component parts could fail. A motorcyclist could easily slide off the road if the steering was compromised or if the brakes failed.

Receiving Compensation for Your Injuries

Motorists have a duty to drive safely. This means following the rules of the road and minimizing distractions. Sadly, many motorists end up slamming into motorcyclists because they were negligent or reckless.

If you were hurt, you might bring a claim against the responsible party. For example, if a distracted driver rear-ended you, then you can make an insurance claim on that driver’s insurance. Similarly, if a road defect sends you tumbling, you may be able to file a claim against the person or entity responsible for the road.

We work closely with our clients to document the losses they suffer in a crash and have sought maximum compensation for:

  • Medical care to treat physical or psychological injuries
  • Lost income or wages when you cannot work
  • Damage to your motorcycle and other property
  • Pain, suffering, and emotional distress

To estimate the amount available, please contact us. We can weigh all the relevant factors, including your own negligence, to arrive at a fair estimate.

How to Collect Evidence for Your Case

Motorcyclists face stiff headwinds when it comes to obtaining a fair settlement. Some motorists might automatically blame you for an automobile crash. Insurance adjusters sometimes agree.

You can strengthen your case by finding evidence that helps us reconstruct what happened, such as:

  1. Witness testimony. You are a witness, but it’s helpful to have other people tell us what they saw. These witnesses could be other motorists on the road or your passenger.
  2. Pictures of the accident scene and vehicles involved. Skid marks on the road might show you tried to take defensive action, or they could show the speed the car was traveling. A picture of a hazard like a pothole is helpful at establishing it exists.
  3. Police reports. The officer might talk to the driver and get useful statements.
  4. Medical records. It’s important to go to the hospital soon after the crash. Your medical evidence can show the full extent of your injuries.

Motorcycle Regulations in Kentucky

Our state government recognizes the dangers that motorcyclists face. For this reason, they have passed several laws to ensure that bikers are protecting themselves and their passengers on the road.

For example, Kentucky has a helmet law that applies to anyone under 21 years of age. Anyone whose permit or license is less than a year old also must wear a helmet. This law makes sense. Helmets are shown to dramatically reduce the risks of death and serious brain injuries while not limiting peripheral vision.

Kentucky also restricts who can ride a bike. You must have a valid motorcycle license or instruction permit, and those with permits cannot have passengers.

Multiple regulations apply to the motorcycle, including the requirement of a rear-view mirror and permanent seats and footrests. Failing to follow these laws can compromise public safety.

Experienced Radcliff Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Can Help

Accidents can happen in an instant. Many accident victims are struggling with intense pain and bodily limitation in the weeks and months following a collision. It is too hard to bring a personal injury claim when in this condition.

For help, give Meagher Injury Lawyers a call. We will fight for your rights and hold the right party legally accountable for your accident. Call today at (502) 309-9213 for a free consultation.