Van and SUV Collide Leaving One Dead, 2 Injured on I-65 in Louisville, KY

According to WLKY, Emedi Assumani, 21 years of age, died as a result of a crash between an SUV and van on I-65 in Louisville, KY. Just before midnight on Tuesday, July 26, 2022, an off-duty Louisville Metro Police Department officer came across an earlier crash between a car and an SUV. The off-duty officer was checking on the car on the side of the road, when a van traveling northbound hit the SUV. The driver of the van failed to notice the stopped SUV in the center lane, according to LMPD. The stopped SUV even had its caution lights on.

Three individuals, including Assumani, were transported to the hospital following this second collision. The other two victims that were transported to the hospital are expected to survive. The driver of the van did not receive any treatment for any injuries.

Automobile accidents can be caused due to several different factors, including, but not limited to driver error, reckless driving, drunk driving, speeding, inattention, driving too closely, failing to yield to one’s right-of-way, distracted driving like texting and driving, failing to stop at a red light or stop sign, or some other reason. Any type of car accident can cause someone involved in the accident to be injured. Injuries sustained in a car accident include minor cuts, bruises and scrapes, to more significant injuries like broken bones, concussions, or even death.

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