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Why Is A Car Accident Attorney Helpful?

A car accident can change your life in an instant. One moment you are driving to work–and the next you are lying in a hospital room recovering from serious injuries. Even if your accident is not life-threatening, you may still be faced with thousands of dollars in medical bills and a concurrent loss of income as you are unable to return to work for several weeks or months. A car accident attorney can help

In the midst of this recovery process, the last thing on your mind may be hiring a lawyer. But the reality is that if you are looking for compensation for your accident, either from your own insurance company or a negligent driver, an experienced Louisville car accident attorney can prove to be your most important ally. While personal injury lawyers often get a bad rap in the press, they play a critical role in assisting car accident victims and their families to rebuild after an accident.

Here are just a couple of reasons why you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer following a car accident.

A Car Accident Attorney Knows Kentucky Law

Kentucky’s rules governing car accident compensation are quite complicated. Kentucky is a “no-fault” insurance state. In simple terms, this means you are generally required to look to your own auto insurance policy first for compensation towards medical bills following a car accident, even if another driver or third-party was to blame. You can only file a personal injury lawsuit under certain circumstances.

Experienced car accident lawyers understand these rules. They can:

  • Review your case.
  • Advise you of your rights and responsibilities under the law.
  • Ensure you are exploring all available avenues for compensation.

A Car Accident Attorney Can Conduct a Complete Investigation

Television courtroom dramas often make it seem like someone just files a lawsuit and the next day they are before a jury. In real life, an experienced car accident attorney understands that it takes weeks and months of legwork before a defendant is ever served with a lawsuit. Even a “simple” accident case may require a substantial amount of preliminary investigation to identify all of the responsible parties.

This is true even if you are just dealing with your own no-fault insurance carrier. Insurance companies are in the business of making money by paying out as little as possible. Their adjusters will look for any excuse to deny or lowball a claim. By working with a qualified car accident lawyer, however, you can level that playing field. Good attorneys know all of the insurance company tricks and understand how to navigate the system.

Contact Meagher Injury Lawyers Today

Even if you are still on the fence about hiring a lawyer following your car accident, there is generally no risk in simply talking to an attorney about your case. Shepherdsville car accident attorney Tate Meagher offers free initial consultations. So if you just want to sit down and talk to someone about your accident, contact our law firm office today.