Multiple Vehicle Accident on I-75

According to WKYT, Lexington police responded to a motor vehicle accident on southbound I-75 around 10:30 a.m. on Sunday August 7, 2022. Officials believe the wreck was initially caused by a downpour which lead to the vehicles having a hard time maintaining control of their vehicles, leading to several vehicles colliding. It is believed that as many as 8 vehicles were involved in the wreck, with multiple people believed to suffer minor injuries. The injury victims were transported to the hospital.

Rainy weather often contributes to motor vehicle accidents. Drivers should be aware of what their responsibilities are and how rain can be a cause of a car wreck, especially in light of hydroplaning and the limited visibility caused by rain. There are several ways a driver can improve your safety and the safety of others during rainfall:

  • Slowing your vehicle down;
  • Avoiding dramatic turns and movements;
  • Turning cruise control off;
  • Be on the lookout for large puddles or flooding.

If a driver fails to take these precautions, they may be liable for any injuries or damages they cause to others due to such failures. Kentucky has comparative fault state laws, meaning that if someone’s actions were even partially to blame for another injuries, that person will be at least partially responsible for that person’s injuries and damages.

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