Louisville Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

In many cases, nursing home residents represent some of the most vulnerable members of society in Louisville. Many residents are no longer able to care for themselves, and some have a limited ability to communicate. These conditions are unfortunately ripe for abuse or neglect.

If you suspect your loved one has suffered neglect or abuse in a nursing home setting, a discussion with a compassionate attorney might be in order. A Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer could investigate the case and advise you if their rights were violated.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

It is impossible to make a comprehensive list of every sign of nursing home abuse given the broad types of abuse that can occur. For example, the signs of financial abuse are different from facts that indicate neglect. That said, some of the most important signs to watch for among nursing home residents include:

  • Unexplained injury
  • Unexplained sexually transmitted diseases
  • Depression or fear
  • Unauthorized financial transactions
  • Weight loss
  • Poor hygiene

A nursing home abuse attorney in Louisville could review the signs of abuse and advise a concerned loved one on their legal options. In many cases, the pursuit of a nursing home abuse case could not only result in a monetary award for the victim but also reduce the risk of harm to other residents.

Financial Awards from an Abuse Claim

If a nursing home abuse claim is successful, there are numerous types of monetary compensation that might be available. Whether the claim results in a trial verdict or a favorable monetary settlement, the amount of compensation recovered could be significant.

The most prominent of these potential damages is the cost of medical care. Many forms of abuse require medical treatment. From wound care to rehydration or even counseling, the cost of this care could be significant.

Pain and suffering claims are also common in nursing home abuse lawsuits. These subjective damages are most common following allegations of physical abuse or neglect.

A claim could also result in restitution depending on any property the nursing home resident lost or had destroyed. In cases involving financial abuse, this could result in a large damage award. Identifying the types of compensation a nursing home resident might be entitled to recover from an abuse claim is a top priority for most Louisville attorneys.

Time Limit to File a Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

When it comes to nursing home abuse and neglect claims, delays typically never work in favor of the nursing home resident. As time passes, it could be difficult for the resident or any witnesses to recollect exactly what occurred.

There is also an important time limit that applies to all nursing home abuse claims. Referred to as the statute of limitations, this time limit is a hard deadline. If the victim of nursing home abuse fails to file their lawsuit within a year of discovery of their injuries, they could lose out on the chance to pursue a claim forever.

Speak with a Louisville Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Right Away

No nursing home resident deserves to experience abuse or neglect at the hands of their caretaker. Unfortunately, this behavior is common. With the right legal counsel, it could be possible to hold the abusers accountable for their actions.

You do not have to let your loved one’s abusers and those that enabled them to avoid consequences. Talk to a Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer to learn more.

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