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3-vehicle Collision on I-65 Leaves One In Critical Condition

Per WHAS11, on Friday, September 23, 2022, a three-vehicle crash on I-65 southbound in Louisville, Kentucky, left one person in critical condition. Louisville Metro Police Department responded to the wreck. The initial police investigation reveals this wreck involved a chain reaction car collision. The driver and a passenger from the first vehicle that was hit in the rear were transported to UofL hospital. The passenger in that vehicle is in critical condition. Another victim, the driver of the 3rd vehicle, was also transported to UofL hospital but is thought to have non-life threatening injuries. Louisville Metro Police Department is continuing to investigate this crash.

A chain reaction motor vehicle collision involves multiple vehicles in which one vehicle caused the initial collision, which subsequently causes secondary chain-reaction collisions. These types of motor vehicle crashes occur usually when one or more drivers are traveling too closely or when an impact happens at high speeds and subsequently moves the hit vehicle into another vehicle on the roadway. Chain reaction car accidents are more likely to happen in heavy traffic areas or times, such as during rush hour or on busy roads or intersections.

If you have been injured in a chain reaction accident, you will have to establish who was the liable driver in order to recover compensation from the at-faulter driver’s insurance company. When three or more vehicles are involved in a car accident, it can sometimes be difficult to show who was liable for the first impact. Every case is different, but in many cases, all or most of the fault is apportioned against the driver who caused the first impact.

It’s vital to retain a personal injury attorney following a chain reaction accident in order to prove who the liable driver is for the accident. Tate and his team and Meagher Injury Lawyers can gather all the necessary evidence to prove who the at-fault driver is in a chain reaction accident. If you or a loved one have been in a chain reaction car accident and need help recovering the maximum amount you or your loved one is entitled to, Don’t Wait, Call Tate! to schedule a free consultation today.