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Woman Dies in Rollover Accident in Louisville

Per WDRB, 32-year-old Tatiana Lopes died in a single-vehicle rollover wreck on Third Street/Village Park Drive a little after 10 p.m. on Friday, September 16, 2022. Lopes had three children in her vehicle who were transported to the hospital to be checked out, but the children did not have any apparent injuries. Lopes was ejected from the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene. Louisville Metro Police Department believes the wreck may have been caused by “a vehicular issue,” but the accident is still under investigation. Our condolences go out to Lopes’s family and friends.

Rollover accidents are often extremely dangerous. Per statistics published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rollover motor vehicle accidents have the second-highest facility rates in the country. Head-on crashes are the only type of motor vehicle accident with higher fatality rates.

Common causes of rollover motor vehicle accidents include speeding; driver age and experience (drivers under 25 are more likely to be involved in a rollover motor vehicle accident); alcohol or drug consumption by the driver; severe weather conditions; defective design of the vehicle (especially in older pickup trucks and SUVs), and distracted driving (like texting and driving). Vehicles at high risk of rollovers include tall vehicles with high centers of gravity, but any vehicle can roll over. Rollover accidents often can cause severe injuries, such as broken bones, head injuries, neck and spine injuries, and lacerations, among other injuries.

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