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Shelbyville Slip/Trip and Fall Lawyer

Slip and falls cause serious injuries and result in victims missing countless days of work each year. Some falls are unavoidable, but others stem from negligent maintenance of the property. At Meagher Injury Lawyers, we work closely with accident victims to determine whether they can sue for compensation.

A slip and fall or trip and fall is an example of a premises liability claim. These are difficult claims to pursue. Property owners often have many defenses they can raise, and you need solid evidence to show who is to blame for your tumble. Contact our law firm to speak with a Shelbyville slip/trip and fall lawyer for more information.

Hazardous Premises

Some people trip over their own feet, but most falls are caused by some hazard on the property. These hazards might occur naturally, but others are created by the property owner.

In our experience, many of our slip/trip and fall clients are upended by:

  • Natural accumulations of snow or ice
  • Condensation
  • Spilled liquids
  • Trash or debris on the floor
  • Waxed or mopped floors
  • Torn or worn carpeting
  • Poor lighting
  • Cables or wires running across the floor
  • Boxes

Slip/Trip and Fall Injuries

Most injuries occur when the person falls. Someone falling down a flight of stairs can suffer a traumatic impact with each step they slam against. Other people get injured when they wrench their bodies to prevent a fall.

The most serious injuries include:

  • Strains or sprains
  • Contusions
  • Head injuries, including concussion
  • Neck injuries
  • Broken bones or fractures
  • Torn ligaments
  • Pinched nerves
  • Back injuries

Falls also might be fatal, especially when a person falls down a flight of stairs or lands directly on their head.

Holding Property Owners Accountable

If you are injured in a fall, you should quickly meet with an attorney to determine if you have a lawsuit. The fact that you fell isn’t enough to make the property owner liable. We need to look at other factors, such as whether the owner created the hazard or whether it was naturally occurring.

Another key factor is whether the owner knew about the hazard. Imagine if someone drops a jar of mayonnaise in a grocery store aisle a minute before you walk by and slip on it. The store probably didn’t know about the spill, so they had no time to warn customers or clean it up. The analysis is different if someone dropped the jar an hour ago. A careful store would have staff regularly inspect the aisles.

We will carefully review all evidence to determine whether you can sue. Then we take steps to make sure you have the evidence you need to show the property owner is to blame.

Steps to Take after a Slip or Trip

Some victims are so hurt they can only lie on the ground and beg for an ambulance. But if you can move around, we recommend the following. You can bolster your case if you follow these steps:

  1.       Try to photograph the hazard that caused you to trip or slip. If there are pieces of trash in the aisles of a store, get a picture with your phone. The owner will probably clean up the hazard, and we want proof it existed.
  2.       Ask for the names and contact identification for any witnesses. They can also help establish a hazard existed. If you are in too much pain, ask a bystander to get this info.
  3.       Notify the property owner of your fall. They can take steps to protect the public so no one else is hurt on the property.
  4.       Get medical treatment promptly. You will improve your odds of recovery if you seek immediate care.
  5.       Contact a Shelbyville slip/trip and fall attorney. We can swing into action and try to build as much evidence as possible. For example, we might visit the store and ask if there is closed circuit television that captured the incident on tape.

Key Deadlines

Kentucky gives an injury victim only one year to file a lawsuit. That is barely enough time for most people. You are probably spending day and night rehabbing your injuries and trying to figure out how to return to work. A lawsuit might be the last thing on your mind. Nonetheless, if you go past this deadline, you lose the ability to sue.

This deadline is important even if you hope to settle your claim. When the statute of limitations expires, you lose all leverage in settlement negotiations.

Call Our Shelbyville Slip/Trip and Fall Lawyer Today

Meagher Injury Lawyers will protect your rights following a fall accident. Please contact us today. We can possibly sue a retailer, school, grocery, gas station, store owner, property owner, or government entity for a fall in its building. Call our law office today for a free consultation.