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Sewer Break on Baxter Ave Results in Road Closure

When driving this week be aware of lane closure on Baxter Ave. There has been major road damage at the 990 block of Baxter Ave which is south of Highland Ave. This closure is due to sewer line break in the area. Officials say that a portion of the road will be closed for work over the following days. Sewer district crews were assessing the damage on the morning of Tuesday the 20th of April however they have not given any indication as when the lanes will be open again. For more information follow the story here.

The Importance of Checking Traffic Updates

It is a good idea to check traffic on news and apps before your morning commute so that you can prepare for such delays so you can leave early enough and or take an alternate route to your destination. This way you are not rushed or stressed on you daily commute which can increase the chances of an accident occurring.  However, sometimes a problem like this is unavoidable. Always remember to be aware of your surroundings when driving. Roadblocks like his can surprise unaware drivers who not expecting it. Keep your eyes on the road and watching traffic so you do not get surprised by road obstructions such as this. Encountering such unexpected obstacles can cause panic that can result in an accident if a driver is not prepared for it. Drive safely and always remember we at Meagher Injury Lawyers are always available to help you when accidents do happen.