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Fatal TARC Bus Crash in Louisville, Kentucky

According to WLKY and WDRB, on Tuesday, June 8, 2021, there was a fatal accident in west Louisville, Kentucky. This three-vehicle accident involving a TARC bus occurred around 4:40 P.M. at the intersection of West Oak Street and South 23rd Street.  Police officers that arrived at the scene of the accident said that one man involved in the accident was driving a teal Dodge Ram pickup truck. This man suffered significant injuries and would later, unfortunately, pass away at the University of Louisville Hospital.

Two other people involved in the accident were treated for minor injuries at the University of Louisville Hospital and later released. The police have yet to reveal how the accident happened, who was involved, and who was at fault. Although police have not released any more information or details about the accident, they said they will release more information soon.

Dangers of Driving Near a Bus

Any time you are driving close to a bus there it can potentially turn into a very dangerous situation. The extremely large mass of the bus can be hard for drivers to maneuver and can cause a significant amount of damage if an accident occurs. Whenever driving close to a bus always keep an eye on the bus and give it plenty of room to maneuver and plenty of room for you to react to any erratic behavior or sudden stops by the bus driver.

Because the size of the bus it is likely to obstruct you view of what is happening around you and in front of you. That is why it is crucial to always be aware of the bus and give it a healthy distance so if you can’t react to what is around you, at least you can react to the bus. Awareness is the key to accident avoidance, and if you are aware of what is happening on the road it gives you an opportunity to react if something goes wrong so you can avoid accidents like this.

Contact an Accident Attorney Today

The loss of a loved one can be a very traumatic and life-changing experience. A wrongful death and bus accident attorney may be able to help during the difficult times following a bus accident. If you have suffered from extensive injuries or have lost a loved one because of an accident involving a bus, contact Meagher Injury Lawyers for a free legal consultation. Don’t wait, call Tate!