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Shively Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The beautiful scenery and great weather in the Shively area make motorcycle riding an especially pleasurable and practical means of transportation. However, motorcyclists often sustain severe injuries in vehicle collisions due to the lack of protection. Additionally, many people assume motorcyclists are inherently reckless, which can make it difficult to obtain compensation in an injury claim.

If you were injured in this type of accident, consider speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney about your potential case. A Shively motorcycle accident lawyer could help you obtain compensation from the negligent parties.

Common Causes of Motorbike Crashes in Shively

Many motorcycle accidents occur due to a negligent driver’s failure to yield. Motorbikes have a low profile, and they can be difficult to see. However, accidents may also involve aggressive driving. Many drivers resent sharing the road with motorcycles and fail to take appropriate caution near them.

Other common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Large potholes
  • Defective auto parts

A skilled accident attorney could investigate the circumstances of your motorcycle crash to determine the cause and identify potentially responsible parties.

No-Fault Insurance in Motorcycle Accident Claims

Kentucky has an optional no-fault system, meaning that a motorcyclist can choose to seek compensation from their own insurance company or the at-fault driver’s insurer after an accident. Even if an individual has no-fault coverage, they could sue if their injuries meet specific thresholds.

Catastrophic injuries such as brain trauma, spinal cord damage, or permanent disfigurement may warrant filing a legal claim while covered through no-fault insurance. Because motorcyclists often suffer severe injuries in crashes, it is common for riders to seek justice in the courts even if both parties have no-fault insurance. Before taking legal action, you should consider working with an attorney who understands how no-fault insurance works in motorbike collision cases.

How Local Motorcycle Safety Laws May Impact Negligence

State courts use the pure comparative negligence rule in personal injury claims, meaning a motorcyclist who is considered partially negligent for their injuries can have their compensation reduced. Breaking certain motorcycle safety laws may be considered evidence of partial fault in an injury case.

For example, Kentucky Revised Statute §189.285(3) states that motorcyclists must wear a helmet if they are under the age of 21, have only an instruction permit, or have held a license for less then one year. If someone who falls under one of those categories suffers a head injury in a motorcycle accident, the defendant may argue that they are not liable for the damages. A knowledgeable lawyer familiar with motorcycle laws could explain how these regulations could impact your accident case.

Navigating the Prejudice Against Motorcyclists in Injury Cases

There is a prejudice against motorcyclists, and insurance companies might try to exploit that bias for their own gain. After an accident, the defendant’s insurance company may inflate the motorcyclist’s role in the accident and urge them to accept an inadequate settlement.

A lawyer could protect their rights by contacting an experienced attorney in Shively as soon as possible after the motorbike wreck. A legal professional could handle all communication with insurers and demand they negotiate in good faith.

Call a Shively Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

It could take a long time to recover from the physical and emotional trauma of a motorbike wreck. Trying to pursue your accident claim on your own adds a lot of stress and inconvenience to an already difficult time in your life. If you retain a Shively motorcycle accident lawyer to help you, you could focus on your recovery knowing that your claim is in competent hands. Contact the Meagher Injury Lawyers today to set up a free consultation.