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Shepherdsville Dog Bite Lawyer 

Millions of people in the United States are bitten by dogs each year. If you have been injured by a dog or animal, an experienced personal injury lawyer may help secure compensation for your damages from its owner who is liable or their insurer. A Shepherdsville dog bite lawyer may be able to help make sure you are able to get the compensation you deserve. Meagher Injury Lawyers is ready to fight hard on behalf of our clients who have suffered injuries after being attacked by a dog.

Types of Dog Bite Injuries

Reports of dog bites are on the rise. Not only can these attacks be traumatic, but they carry with them risk for infection that other injuries might not. Additionally, dogs have very powerful jaws that can lead to very severe injuries like broken bones or internal damage that requires surgery.

The dog bite epidemic is a severe issue that has been on the rise for decades. It’s important to know how to seek medical attention immediately if you have been bitten by a dog, because not all wounds are created equal – minor Band-Aids may be enough in some cases but others will require more advanced treatment like surgery or antibiotic medication.

Dog bites and other attacks can cause permanent scars or even disfigurations to a person that they will have for the rest of their life, along with lasting emotional trauma that may make it hard to trust any animal in the future. The unfortunate truth is that people who are bitten or attacked by dogs may have scarring, disfigurement, and emotional trauma. It is recommended that you reach out to an attorney right away if you or a loved one suffer injuries from a dog attack by a pet owned by another so you can focus on getting proper treatment, while an attorney investigates your case to determine if a financial recovery is possible.

What Law Applies to Dog Attack Cases in Shepherdsville?

In a strict liability state such as Kentucky, it is assumed that the dog owner is liable for any injuries or damage caused by his or her pet. Kentucky has this law in place and as such all owners must take proper precautions when owning a dog to avoid liability for any harm it may cause to another. A dog owner who has had their pets for years and never caused any harm is at risk of liability in an action if their dog causes harm to a person due to an attack. The fact the dog has been a well-behaved pet for several years does not change the outcome of the dog owner’s liability in a lawsuit for injuries sustained due to a dog attack.

Common Mistakes Made In These Injury Claims

A Shepherdsville dog bite lawyer can help an injured dog bite victim avoid some of the most common mistakes made when pursuing a dog bite claim.  Some common mistakes made in these types of cases are: (1) not filing a lawsuit in a timely manner prior to the statute of limitations and thus allowing the claim to expire; (2) failing to notify the incident to local government authority like a local animal control authority which would investigate the incident further; (3) not getting the proper medical treatment to address your injuries; (4) putting trust in the at-fault dog owner tpay for your medical bills and other damages; and (5) accepting a low settlement from an insurance company or defendant early on during the claim process, without knowing the true value of your dog bite case. In order to avoid these common mistakes, it is highly recommended you consult with a dog attack attorney so that you know your legal options.

Contact a Shepherdsville Dog Bite Lawyer Today

If you or a loved one has been the victim of an attack by a dog, it may be possible to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost income, pain suffering, and other damages. At Meagher Law office we may be able to help guide you every step of the way during the claim process. A Shepherdsville dog bite lawyer could help you with every step of the claim process. Contact the attorneys at the Meagher Injury Lawyers today for your free legal consultation. Remember, you owe nothing unless we win your case.