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Mount Washington Slip/Trip and Fall Lawyer

You may think that walking into an office building or a grocery store is fairly routine. Unfortunately, these daily errands can result in a slip, trip, and fall that causes serious injuries. Many people think that slip and falls are fairly minor accidents, but that is rarely true. Broken bones, damage to the spinal cord, and head trauma are just a few injuries you may suffer after a slip and fall. 

Property owners in Kentucky typically owe you a duty of care while you are on their premises with permission to be on the premises. When they fail to meet this legal duty, you may be able to hold them liable for paying compensation for all of your losses. Our Mount Washington slip, trip, and fall lawyer can help you claim the fair settlement that is just yours.

How to Prove Liability in a Slip, Trip, and Fall Claim

The vast majority of slip and fall accidents are caused by property owner negligence. However, your word alone that a property owner did not take proper care is not enough when filing a claim for financial compensation. You must present strong evidence and prove that a hazardous condition was present on the property. This is where the help of a Mount Washington slip, trip, and fall attorney is particularly helpful. When pursuing damages, you must prove the following elements of your claim:

  1. The property owner owed you a duty of care: Showing that a property owner owed you a duty of care is not as easy in slip and fall claims as it is in other civil cases. Property owners do not owe the same level of care to all visitors. For example, trespassers may find it difficult to obtain as much compensation as a customer in a store.
  2. There was a dangerous condition on the property: Whether it was a spill on the floor, broken stairs, or uneven flooring, you must show that a dangerous condition existed on the property.
  3. The property owner should have known about the dangerous condition: Sadly, a hazardous condition alone is not enough to file a claim. You must also show that the property owner knew, or should have known, about the dangerous condition and did not correct it. This is often the most difficult part of proving liability in a slip-and-fall claim.  However, keep in mind, store owners in Kentucky have a duty to inspect on a regular basis for hazardous conditions such as tripping hazards.  If they fail to properly inspect and you are injured as a result you may be entitled to compensation from the store or their insurer.  
  4. You suffered losses: The whole purpose of filing a slip and fall claim is to recover compensation for your injuries. If you did not suffer injuries or other losses, you cannot file a claim. When establishing your losses, you must also outline the full amount of compensation you are seeking.

Damages Available After a Slip, Trip, and Fall Accident

If you have been seriously injured in a slip, trip, and fall accident, one of the first questions you may have is how much your claim is worth. No one can answer this question without first fully reviewing the facts and circumstances of your case. Still, you can use some guidelines to estimate how much your claim may be worth. It’s wise to then speak to a Mount Washington slip, trip, and fall accident lawyer who may be able to accurately provide an estimate of the value of how much your claim is worth. Below are some of the most common damages awarded in these cases.

  • Medical expenses: You can claim all current and future medical expenses including your hospital bills, surgery expenses, follow-up doctor visits, rehabilitative therapy, and transportation to and from doctor’s appointments.
  • Lost wages: Your injuries may be so severe that you cannot return to work. You can claim any lost wages, benefits, bonuses, vacation pay, sick pay, and other income-related losses.
  • Loss of earning capacity: The injuries caused by a slip, trip, and fall accidents sometimes prevent victims from returning to the same line of work. If you were forced to accept a lower-earning job after your recovery or you are never able to work again in any job due to your injuries, you can claim the earning capacity you lost out on due to your injuries.
  • Pain and suffering: Serious injuries will leave you in immense pain, and you may also experience emotional trauma due to the fact that you can no longer enjoy the things you once did. You can obtain damages for your pain and suffering to make up for these losses.

Our Slip, Trip, and Fall Lawyer in Mount Washington Can Help You Obtain a Maximum Settlement

Slip and fall accidents can result in very serious injuries. Property owners and the insurers who cover them will not want to pay you the full damages you deserve. At Meagher Injury Lawyers, our Mount Washington slip, trip, and fall lawyers will do everything in their power to hold them accountable for paying the full and fair settlement you need to make a full recovery so you can move past the accident. Call us now at (502) 309-9213 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.