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Middletown Car Accident Lawyer

When injured in a motor vehicle accident in Middletown, there are several reasons to consider an attorney to serve as your legal representative. In general, a qualified personal injury attorney can provide a professional accident investigation analysis, evaluate an allocation of fault to those involved, estimate monetary damages and awards, manage the collection of evidence and depositions, conduct settlement negotiations while providing settlement advice, and provide legal representation in a court of law if necessary.

The pursuit of a fair settlement for the damages and injuries suffered during an accident requires you to navigate a complex and combative process. A Middletown car accident lawyer could provide competent legal representation and experience to help you fight for a monetary award.

Accident Investigation – Allocation of Fault

Kentucky law allows for an allocation of fault in personal injury cases. This allows the person that injured you to claim you are partly at fault for the accident, which can reduce your settlement by the percentage of fault allocated to you. An attorney that conducts a thorough accident investigation can anticipate this action by opposing counsel or the other driver’s insurance company; thereby protecting your legal rights and settlement. An attorney will fight to prevent someone from unfairly blaming you for the auto accident.

Damage Analysis – Monetary Assessment

It is important to estimate the likelihood of recovering damages from an individual. Researching and understanding issues related to uninsured and underinsured motorists is vital when making decisions concerning strategy.

Collection of Evidence

Collecting evidence to support your case is critical to a successful motor vehicle injury claim. Examples of evidence include eyewitness accounts, police reports, blood samples, video documentation, and depositions. Evidence is required to be admissible, authentic, complete, reliable, and believable.

Understanding the rules of evidence can make or break your case. You need legal representation to ensure the evidence is collected and presented to support your position. A local attorney is trained to handle evidence properly, and in a manner that will strengthen your car wreck case.

Negotiation – Litigation – Settlement

If you decide to represent yourself while pursuing a personal injury claim, please understand that you are competing with professionals that have years of experience and training in the art of negotiation. Insurance companies are for-profit companies, which drive their negotiators to settle your claim for the least amount of money possible. The less they pay you, the higher their profits.

A car accident attorney in Middletown likely will positively impact the amount for which you can settle. A lawyer can also help guide you when contemplating the risk involved should you decide to try the case in a court of law. You need this advice. You need an experienced attorney to lead you through this process and protect your legal rights.

Call a Middletown Car Accident Attorney Today

Trying to understand the complexities of a legal case can be extremely difficult on its own. When you consider that during that process you are likely to be recovering from, and still suffering from, serious injuries; it is quite possible that you could make errors that will cause regret and cost you money. You need to concentrate on the healing process by allowing an attorney to represent your interests.

Trust that your attorney will worry about the rules and fight with the negotiators. Trust that your attorney will counsel you on what is a fair settlement, and whether you should take the case to court. Trust your attorney to protect you while you concentrate on healing.

Securing an attorney quickly is the most important first step in the process. Attorney Tate Meagher focuses on the needs of those who have suffered physical injury, pain and suffering, and an uncertain future. Call a Middletown car accident lawyer today to discuss your case.