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Most people have slipped, tripped, and fallen at some point in their life. Often, these are minor accidents that result in little to no physical harm. The unfortunate reality is that some falls have the potential to lead to devastating consequences. When a fall results in severe injuries, a Louisville slip and fall lawyer could advise the injury party on their legal rights.

When falls happen on property owned by another person or entity, the resulting injuries could lead to a significant claim for monetary compensation. Property owners have a duty to protect most of the individuals that enter their property, and their failure to meet that duty could lead to a successful lawsuit with the help of a dedicated injury attorney.

Examples of Fall Injuries

Fall injuries come in different forms and degrees. Some falls result in nothing more than a few scrapes and bruises, while others could have fatal repercussions. Some of the most common fall accident injuries include:

  • Broken arms
  • Sprained wrists
  • Brain injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Broken ankles

When these injuries occur due to a fall, the financial cost of treating them could be substantial. These costs might start with emergency medical care or an ambulance ride. However, the financial burden of addressing these injuries could continue to grow for months or years as additional medical care or physical therapy becomes necessary. A slip and fall attorney in Louisville could help pursue a legal claim for the cost of treating any of these fall-related injuries.

Why Knowledge of a Hazard Matters

A plaintiff cannot succeed on a slip and fall claim simply by proving they were hurt in a fall. A plaintiff must also establish that the property owner was negligent in allowing the dangerous hazard that caused the fall to remain on the property.

A central issue for these claims involves the property owner’s knowledge of the hazard. If the property owner knew that a hazard existed and failed to do anything to prevent an accident, they could face liability for any injuries their visitors might sustain in a fall. Direct knowledge of a hazard is not required for a claim to be successful. A property owner could also face liability if they failed to notice a hazard that would have been obvious had they taken reasonable steps to survey their property. In other words, a property owner could be on the hook for damages from a fall if they should have known about the dangerous hazard.

Knowledge of the hazard is also relevant when it comes to the injured party. State law requires property visitors to exercise ordinary care. This means that they must take reasonable steps to avoid injury. If a visitor knew of the risks related to a hazard and failed to take necessary precautions, it could impact their ability to recover compensation for their injuries.

Discuss Your Options with a Louisville Slip and Fall Attorney

The cost of your medical treatment after a fall should not be your burden to bear if the accident resulted from the property owner or occupier’s negligence. Successfully pursuing an injury claim could be possible, but doing so on your own is a risky endeavor.

Let a Louisville slip and fall lawyer help you through every stage of your injury claim. To get started, schedule a private legal consultation today.

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