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Louisville Premises Liability Lawyer

When a business opens its doors to you as a customer or someone invites into their home as a guest, you do not expect to get hurt. There is a duty upon property owners to maintain their premises in a safe condition. Owners also must either repair any damage on their property that could be dangerous or provide a warning of the potential hazard.

Despite owners’ responsibility for safety, people still sustain injuries while on another person’s property. The circumstances of the accident could make for a complex personal injury claim. If you are injured on someone else’s property, a skilled Louisville premises liability lawyer could help you recover damages.

How Premises Accidents Happen

Various circumstances may give rise to a personal injury claim based upon premises liability. Bad weather could create an icy surface or a slippery floor, or a dangerous pet might bite someone. Here are some other examples of situations that may impose premises liability:

  • Cracked or damaged sidewalks
  • Damaged or faulty stairways
  • Dangers at construction sites
  • Inadequate event security
  • Insufficient lighting
  • Poorly maintained parking lots
  • Uneven sidewalks
  • Workplace accidents

Countless conditions may result in a premises liability claim. Holding the property owner accountable for personal injuries is not a simple matter. The owner might argue that the insured person is partially or entirely at fault, which could reduce recovery for damages under Kentucky Revised Statutes 411.182(1) and (3).

When facing a personal injury claim, the property owner likely will contact their insurer. In response, the insurance company probably will retain legal counsel. The injured person could benefit from having a qualified Louisville premises liability attorney fight for their rights.

Exceptions May Apply to a Premises Liability Claim

Sometimes there are accidents on a person’s property that do not create a premises liability claim. For example, KRS 411.190 protects property owners who open their land to others for recreational activities. In most cases, owners bear no responsibility to someone injured on their land while engaged in a recreational activity.

With the goal of encouraging landowners to allow recreation on their property, KRS 411.190(3) provides that owners do not the responsibility to keep their premises safe for recreational activities. Owners also do not have to warn people pursuing recreation about dangerous conditions on their property. KRS 411.190(4) states that landowners permitting recreational activities on their property do not:

  • Guarantee that the property is safe
  • Have an obligation of care to the people involved in recreation
  • Incur responsibility for injuries caused by people recreating

Landowners may be liable for injuries sustained on their property during recreational activities if they maliciously or willfully fail to protect or guard against a dangerous condition, as set forth in KRS 411.190(6)(a). Liability could apply if the landowner charges money for recreational activity on their property, according to KRS 411.190(6)(b). A knowledgeable premises injury attorney in Louisville could utilize the law to assist an injured person with receiving compensation.

Seek a Case Evaluation by a Louisville Premises Liability Attorney

Getting hurt on someone else’s property could present an unpleasant plight. Attempting to recover money for your injuries without legal representation might make matters worse. You may want an experienced Louisville premises liability lawyer to help you obtain reimbursement for your injuries.

Succeeding on a claim based upon premises liability is not easy. Legal guidance could help you investigate the facts of an accident and understand how the law applies. Contact a seasoned personal injury attorney to discuss your possible claims.