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Louisville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycles are a fun way to travel. Sometimes on the road, unexpected events happen and collisions result. If you are hurt while riding your bike, a skilled Louisville motorcycle accident lawyer might help you get compensation for your injuries.

Vehicle crashes often involve more than one driver. Determining how an accident occurred could be a complicated matter. Consulting with a qualified Louisville motorcycle accident lawyer might ensure that the responsible parties are held accountable.

Drivers Must Try
To Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Kentucky Revised Statutes 189.290 attempts to keep the highways free from accidents. All drivers must carefully operate their vehicles and watch out for the safety of other vehicles, according to KRS 189.290(1).

Even though the law requires drivers to avoid collisions, motorcycle accidents still occur. Proving that another driver violated their duty to operate their vehicle safely and caused a collision may be challenging. The injured person may need experts to establish the cause of an accident.

Someone harmed in a motorcycle accident who pursues recovery without legal counsel may not realize how the law affects their personal injury lawsuit. A knowledgeable Louisville motorcycle accident attorney could utilize the law to help motorcycle accident victims recover damages.

Where Accidents Take Place

You could suffer an accident anywhere in Louisville. But the most common motorcycle accidents take place in the following locations:

  • Intersections. A car could slam into a motorcyclist when the driver tries to make a left-hand turn or fails to stop in time. Many drivers are distracted by electronic devices, which take their eyes off the road. Other drivers run a red light and hit motorcycles at high speeds.
  • Highways. Accidents on the highway are dangerous. A driver could crash into you when making a lane change, especially if you are in a blind spot or if they are simply not looking for you. Other motorcyclists are struck when trying to merge into traffic.
  • Parking lots. Even low-speed accidents in parking lots could be devastating. Many motorists back out of parking spots without checking their mirrors, and they can slam directly into a motorcyclist circling around the lot.
  • Side streets. Quieter streets are also dangerous for motorcyclists, who could flip their bikes on a giant pothole that hasn’t been fixed or get struck by a motorist backing out of their driveway.

Regardless of where you were hit, please contact a Louisville motorcycle accident attorney right away to discuss the facts of your case. If you haven’t already done so, we can preserve important evidence for your case, which might make the difference when it comes to negotiating a settlement.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcyclists can suffer from the most common traumatic injuries after a collision. They will probably feel significant pain and probably need to see a doctor immediately once they are finished at the scene of the crash.

Many motorcyclists suffer from:

  1. Facial injuries—orbital fractures, scars, and contusions.
  2. Traumatic brain injuries—which impair a person’s memory, movement, sleep, mood, and physical coordination.
  3. Whiplash—this soft tissue injury can lead to headaches and neck stiffness when you stretch or tear muscles and ligaments.
  4. Compressed nerve—causing chronic pain and nerve death if not treated in a timely manner.
  5. Cervical fracture—a broken bone in the neck can cause paralysis and constant pain.
  6. Pelvic fracture—a pelvic fracture can make it impossible to stand or work.
  7. Road rash—this is a serious abrasion injury that can become infected and leave a motorcyclist with permanent scarring.
  8. Dislocated joints—dislocated shoulders, elbows, and knees could require bracing and painkillers to fully heal.
  9. Back injuries—a herniated disc or other spinal column injuries can press on nerves and immobilize a motorcyclist.
  10. Catastrophic injuries—blindness, amputation, paralysis, and permanent brain injuries.

Any injury is potentially serious. If you feel pain anywhere on your body, head to the hospital to have a doctor order diagnostic tests. Some injuries like road rash can become infected and degenerate rapidly. Prompt medical care will improve the chances of your reaching full recovery. You can also fully document the injuries you have suffered so that there is no suggestion that you are exaggerating your pain.

Steps To Take
After A Motorcycle Crash

If there is a motorcycle accident, KRS 189.580(1)(a) requires every vehicle to stop and do certain things. The drivers first must determine whether anyone is injured or if the vehicles are damaged. If there are serious injuries, the vehicle operators shall assist and convey the injured person to the hospital if necessary.

Caring for any injured persons is always the priority following a motorcycle collision. It also is essential to investigate the accident as soon as possible. Getting thorough information about the crash site and identifying all witnesses could make a difference in personal injury claims.

Don’t forget to call the police. An officer should visit the accident scene to create a report. We find these reports very helpful when it comes time to negotiate compensation. Without an accident report, an insurance adjuster might argue about when the accident happened or if their insured was even involved.

Time also matters if a person injured in a motorcycle crash wants to bring a motorcycle accident claim for damages. State law allows a minimum of two years after the accident to file a lawsuit and seek compensation. Those who receive Personal Injury Protection (PIP) payments have two years from the date of the last payment to file a claim. Given the importance of moving quickly following a collision, it may be smart to seek the advice of an experienced Louisville motorcycle accident lawyer.

Motorcycle Accident Settlements

Motorcycle accidents are surprisingly expensive. In addition to needing to repair your motorcycle, you probably have incurred thousands in medical bills to treat injuries. Prescription drugs, rehabilitation, and follow-up visits with the doctor only add to the expense. But it is vital that you receive all necessary medical care so that your condition improves as much as possible.

Our legal team can fight for compensation. If you were struck by a negligent motorist, we can make a claim on that driver’s liability policy. We usually seek the following economic damages:

  • Medical bills for surgery, rehab, wheelchairs, medication, and follow-up visits
  • Future medical care, if necessary to treat permanent disabilities
  • Lost income and future loss of income, when an accident prevents you from returning to work
  • Repairs for your motorcycle and any other damaged property

We also recognize that injuries do more than cost you money. There is also a reduction in the quality of life. In Kentucky, you can request compensation for the pain and suffering you endure. Following a serious accident, many people cannot enjoy their favorite hobbies or go for walks with their spouse. They feel constant pain and might slip into depression or become irritable. We will seek a fair amount in a settlement to cover this suffering, which makes up the bulk of many settlements.

Safety Rules Designed To Prevent Motorcycle Injuries

KRS 189.285 places responsibility on motorcycle riders to take specific precautions. No one may operate a bike without a valid motorcycle license, according to KRS 189.285(1)(a). If a motorcycle operator has an instruction permit, KRS 189.285(4) prohibits the rider from having any passengers.

KRS 189.285(3) requires some motorcycle riders to wear a helmet. Anyone under the age of 21 years old must wear a helmet regardless of whether they are the operator, passenger, or sidecar occupant. Motorcycle operators who have an instruction permit or valid license for less than one year also need to wear a helmet.

There are safety regulations for motorcycles, including the requirement in KRS 189.285(1)(a) of a rear-view mirror. KRS 189.285(2) mandates permanent seats and footrests for all riders and passengers. A capable Louisville motorcycle accident lawyer could understand how the law applies to motorcycle accident victims.

Myths about Motorcycle Accidents

Our clients face challenges trying to receive fair compensation after a wreck. Many insurance adjusters have prejudiced beliefs about motorcyclists, and they are not eager to offer a favorable settlement. Here are some of the top myths:

Myth #1: Motorcyclists are always to blame for the crash. This simply isn’t true. Nonetheless, some people think that bikers are risk-takers who pass illegally, weave in and out of traffic, and lane split. Many accidents are caused by negligent drivers slamming into them because the driver did not pay attention.

Myth #2: A motorcyclist wearing a helmet won’t suffer a head injury. Although it’s true that helmets reduce the risk, they do not completely eliminate it. Even people wearing an approved helmet can suffer serious concussions and other head injuries.

Myth #3: A lawyer is an unnecessary expense. In reality, lawyers will prove their value by aggressively representing your interests when negotiating with a driver or his insurer. Look at it this way: no one else is looking out for what is best for you. Not the driver who hit you and certainly not their insurer. You need someone in your corner. Our lawyers will discuss how we can assist your case in more detail. If you like what you hear, we can discuss our fee structure if you hire us. Our motorcycle accident clients never pay any upfront fees. Instead, they only pay if we win your case.

Reach Out
To Our Louisville
Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

When motorcycle accidents take place, significant injuries may result. Many motorcycle accident victims also might incur substantial financial losses. A seasoned Louisville motorcycle accident lawyer could assist you with a personal injury claim.

Other drivers in a motorcycle collision may have lawyers on their side. The insurance companies likely will have legal counsel. You might want a trained personal injury attorney fighting for your right to collect damages.