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Motorcycles are a fun way to travel. Sometimes on the road, unexpected events happen and collisions result. If you are hurt while riding your bike, a skilled Louisville motorcycle accident lawyer might help you get compensation for your injuries.

Vehicle crashes often involve more than one driver. Determining how an accident occurred could be a complicated matter. Consulting with a qualified personal injury attorney might ensure that the responsible parties are held accountable.

Drivers Must Try to Avoid Motorcycle Collisions

Kentucky Revised Statutes 189.290 attempts to keep the highways free from accidents. All drivers must carefully operate their vehicles and watch out for the safety of other vehicles, according to KRS 189.290(1).

Even though the law requires drivers to avoid collisions, motorcycle accidents still occur. Proving that another driver violated their duty to operate their vehicle safely and caused a collision may be challenging. The injured person may need experts to establish the cause of an accident.

Someone harmed in a motorcycle crash who pursues recovery without legal counsel may not realize how the law affects their claim. A knowledgeable Louisville motorcycle accident attorney could utilize the law to help an injured rider recover damages.

Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Crash

If there is a motorcycle accident, KRS 189.580(1)(a) requires every vehicle to stop and do certain things. The drivers first must determine whether anyone is injured or if the vehicles are damaged. If there are injuries, the vehicle operators shall assist and convey the injured person to the hospital if necessary.

Caring for any injured persons is always the priority following a motorcycle collision. It also is essential to investigate the accident as soon as possible. Getting thorough information about the crash site and identifying all witnesses could make the difference for a legal claim.

Time also matters if a person injured in a motorcycle crash wants to bring a legal claim for damages. State law allows a minimum of two years after the accident to file a lawsuit. Those who receive Personal Injury Protection (PIP) payments have two years from the date of the last payment to file a claim. Given the importance of moving quickly following a collision, it may be smart to seek the advice of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Louisville.

Safety Rules Designed to Prevent Motorcycle Injuries

KRS 189.285 places responsibility on motorcycle riders to take specific precautions. No one may operate a bike without a valid motorcycle license, according to KRS 189.285(1)(a). If a motorcycle operator has an instruction permit, KRS 189.285(4) prohibits the rider from having any passengers.

KRS 189.285(3) requires some motorcycle riders to wear a helmet. Anyone under the age of 21-years-old must wear a helmet regardless of they are the operator, passenger, or sidecar occupant. Motorcycle operators who have an instruction permit or valid license for less than one year also need to wear a helmet.

There are safety regulations for motorcycles, including the requirement in KRS 189.285(1)(a) of a rear-view mirror. KRS 189.285(2) mandates permanent seats and footrests for all riders and passengers. A capable Louisville motorcycle injury lawyer could understand how the law applies to an injured person’s claim.

Reach Out to a Louisville Motorcycle Accident Attorney

When a motorcycle collision takes place, significant injuries may result. The injured person also might incur substantial financial losses. A seasoned Louisville motorcycle accident lawyer could assist you with a personal injury claim.

Other drivers in a motorcycle collision may have lawyers on their side. The insurance companies likely will have legal counsel. You might want a trained personal injury attorney fighting for your right to collect damages.

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