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Kentucky Motorcycle Helmet Laws: What You Need to Know

The laws surrounding helmets in Kentucky can be confusing. But understanding state helmet laws is essential in avoiding costly fines and legal issues.

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Are Motorcycle Helmets Required in Kentucky?

Yes and no. Under Kentucky, motorcycle helmet law, not every rider is legally required to wear a helmet. However, some people are required to wear a helmet while riding.

Motorcycle riders under the age of 21 must wear a department of transportation approved helmet at all times, whether they are the motorcycle operator or motorcycle passengers;

Motorcyclists with a motorcycle instruction permit must also wear a helmet at all times, as well as motorcyclists who have had a motorcycle license for less than a year.

Kentucky 21 and Under Motorcycle Helmet Laws

All motorcyclists and their passengers under 21 must wear a helmet in Kentucky. There is no universal helmet law across the country.

Before the law changed in 2000, all motorcyclists were required to wear helmets. Since the law changed, only those under 21 years of age must have a helmet on unless the person operating the motorcycle is a new rider.

Why You Should Wear a Motorcycle Helmet Regardless of State Helmet Law

To avoid motorcycle accidents and fatalities, motorcycle operators should wear a helmet regardless of whether they are required to by law.

Since Kentucky is a comparative negligence state, you must wear a motorcycle helmet to protect yourself from physical harm and legal liability.

In Kentucky, t even if the other motorist caused the accident and is at fault for the wreck, your financial settlement could be reduced by the degree that you are also at fault for your injuries due to failure to wear a helmet.

Suppose you suffer a head injury while riding a motorcycle without a helmet. In that case, even if the accident is not your fault, the jury could determine that you contributed to your injury and reduce your financial recovery accordingly. What will need to be determined is how much your injuries would have been lessened had you been wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. But even if you didn’t have a helmet on, you could be entitled to settlement compensation if you were in a motorcycle crash and sustained injuries. Meagher Injury Lawyers can help.

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