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Elizabethtown Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Those who ride understand the joy of being on the open road. It’s a personal experience for each of us. Some like the gentle turns and scenic views, while others like the sensation of speed, leaning into turns and feeling the occasional scrap of the pavement on a knee. No doubt, we all feel a little more alive while on a bike.

Unfortunately, a negligent driver can ruin that ride of a lifetime, and many rides in the future, through one careless act. Serious injury and significant property damage can occur without warning. If you are involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle due to another’s carelessness, you have the right to recover damages that will pay your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and repair or replacement of all damaged property.

After an injury, you need to concentrate on healing; but you also need to start the process of securing a financial recovery that helps you recover from the loss caused by a negligent driver. The process of recovery is involved, complex, and will take a significant amount of time and cause a significant amount of frustration. A dedicated personal injury attorney could provide much-needed support during this time. While you concentrate on regaining your health, contact an Elizabethtown motorcycle accident lawyer who could begin working on your case.

How Can an Attorney Help You Prepare for Your Case?

The following is a general list of the ways an attorney can help you recover damages after a motorcycle wreck.

Establish Negligence

The facts and evidence of the case must be collected, assembled, and shared with the opposing side. The strength of your case is in part determined by the evidence that shows fault. Your attorney should know the rules of evidence and how to best to collect that information.

Collecting Witness Evidence

As your case proceeds, your attorney can collect evidence, affidavits, or recorded statements from those that were either a witness or involved in the accident.

Defining Damages

The most common types of damages are identified as past and future medical bills, past and future pain and suffering, loss of property, and loss of past and future wages. Your attorney can evaluate your case, compare it to past similar cases in the local jurisdiction, and opine as to a fair settlement range on your case.

Insurance Coverage Analysis

Your attorney can investigate the insurance coverage available to you including the insurance coverage any negligent driver, uninsured motorist coverage (if the negligent driver was not insured), and underinsured motorist coverage (if the negligent driver did not have a sufficient amount of insurance). Your attorney can provide an analysis of how coverage will impact the decisions on how to best proceed with the handling of your case.

Settlement Process in Elizabethtown

Insurance companies are in business to make money. They hire professional negotiators that are driven to settle for the lowest amount of money possible. These negotiators are experienced and have received the best training available to represent their company’s interests. You need a professional on your side to represent your interests. It is highly unlikely that you can secure a fair settlement when negotiating with insurance companies. It is highly recommended that you contact an attorney in Elizabethtown to negotiate on your behalf throughout the motorbike accident case.

Navigating Legal Proceedings

Sometimes the two sides in a case will not be able to agree on a settlement amount. The next step is to take the case to court, which involves the complexities of the court’s calendar, processes, and procedures. When this happens, you will be glad that you have had an attorney working your motorcycle crash case since the day you were injured.

Contact an Elizabethtown Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Attorney Tate Meagher is a skilled lawyer who advocates for each of his clients and is focused on maximizing results. He can provide guidance when you need it most. If you are involved in a severe collision, contact us to set up a meeting with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.