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Elizabethtown Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bites or any attack by an animal can be traumatic, especially if your child was involved. Unfortunately, dog bites and other attacks are far too common, with the Centers for Disease Control reporting more than 4.6 million incidents each year.

If you or your loved one has been attacked by an animal, an Elizabethtown dog bite lawyer may be able to explain who was at fault under state law. A skilled personal injury lawyer from our firm could help you pursue the financial compensation to which you may be entitled after an attack.

The Severity of Dog Bite Injuries

Not only are dog bites traumatic, but medical experts also say these bites are more prone to infection than other injuries. Additionally, dogs have strong jaws and can cause bruising and other damage during an attack.

Treatment for dog bites can be minor, such as bandaging wounds. However, additional medical care may be needed depending on the severity of the attack, including antibiotics to treat infections, care for broken bones, and even surgery for internal damage.

Further, dog bites and other attacks may cause permanent scars or other disfigurations a person will have for the rest of their life, along with lasting emotional trauma that may make it hard for them to trust other animals in the future. Anyone suffering from these types of injures after being attacked by a dog should reach out to a local attorney right away.

Tips for Protecting Oneself Against Dog Attacks

While pet owners should control their animals, there are some steps people can take to protect themselves from an attack.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA®), dogs who are scared or defending their territory, food, or puppies may act aggressively and even bite if they feel threatened. The organization recommends looking for the following signs of a dog that might bite:

  • Dogs that make themselves look larger may be aggressive
  • Dogs that are cowering or trying to look smaller may be scared and bite if they feel cornered
  • Dogs that are upset may try both because they feel threatened and may be more likely to bite
  • Dogs that are showing any signs of aggression or anxiety should be avoided, even if they are also waging their tail or crouching

The organization also recommends supervising children around dogs and not allowing children to pet or play with dogs who are eating, agitated, or caring for puppies. If these techniques fail to prevent a dog bite, consider reaching out to a layer in Elizabethtown.

Are Pet Owners Responsible for Dog Attacks in Elizabethtown?

Dog owners are responsible for the injuries and damages their pets cause under certain circumstances. The location of the accident and the dog’s history of violence may affect how a lawyer pursues the legal claim.

Dog Bites on Public Property

Under Kentucky Revised Statutes § 258.235, pet owners are responsible for dog bites or other injuries or damage caused by their pet—even if their pet has never attacked or acted aggressively before—while their pet is not on their property. Someone who has suffered an attack by a pet can make a claim for damages if they can identify who owned the pet, prove the pet was off of their property at the time of the attack, and show that the attack occurred without warning or provocation.

Bitten by a Homeowner’s Dog

Pet owners can still be held responsible for attacks that occur on their property. Under KRS § 258.235(5), if the pet owner knew that their dog might be aggressive with guests but failed to secure the animal and they attacked, they may be held responsible for the injuries.

Attacks by Vicious Dogs

Pet owners with dogs that have a known history of aggression must take extra care, or they will be held responsible for any injuries or damage caused by the animal. Under KRS § 258.235(3), vicious dogs must be kept in secure enclosures. They must be muzzled if they leave the enclosure. A diligent attorney could help injured parties review these laws to determine whether they have a valid dog bite case.

Call an Elizabethtown Dog Bite Attorney Today

If you are recovering from an attack by a pet, you may want to consider calling an Elizabethtown dog bite lawyer. An experienced attorney could help you understand your legal options and any financial compensation you may be able to claim. Reach out to our firm today to schedule a free consultation.